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Hula Hooping
You've Never Seen Hooping Like This!

hula hoop

The hoop is symbolic of ''the never-ending circle of life.'' It has no beginning and no end. Infinite Spiraling Energy Show is an amazing hoop show set for any occasion with space for swirls and an openness to being hypnotized under a timeless spell. It is a truly exceptional form of entertainment as it allows viewers to unwind while captivated by an unbounded spiral of energy. The professional Hoop Dancers are the infinity symbol in motion, often dancing with two hoops integrating the infinity sign into passing moments.

The Infinite Spiraling Energy show leads you on a journey of simple sunset pleasures, into our galaxy and to the burning roots that keep us motivated and inspired.The Infinite Spiraling Energy Show is an extraordinary show not to be forgotten!


hoop dancerhula hoop


Have hoopers show off thier tricks and feats to astound and amaze. Then have you and your party guests play with the hoops after her show. Trust us! They will try it. Great for Kids of all ages :)

Hoop Class/ Workshop:
Hooping for fitness workshop or class for your group or at your venue.
Hooping for fitness can be for adults, children or combined ages. Fitness is FUN!

Infinite Spiraling Energy show can include: regular hulla hoops, glow hoops, fire hoops, acro yoga, bellydancing, wing dances, stilting walkers, a hoop aerial performance, a burlesque hoop tease, fan dancers, poi, fire hoop, fire fingers, fire fans, fire staff, sword and fire sword, and a mini hoop lesson for your guests.

glow dancerglow show


hoophoopglow hoop

hula hoop kids parties


hoop circushoop dancer

hoop dancer