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Animal Menagerie
Birds, Snakes, Camels, Elephants, Mermaids, Llamas, Ponies...OH MY!

You can expect clean, high quality, friendly, healthy animals. They are well treated & very much loved.


The boa constrictor is a non-poisonous tropical snake belonging to a specialized group of reptiles -- the first vertebrate class completely independent of water. It is found in Central and South America and often reaches lengths of up to 4 m (13 ft.). The boa constrictor's life span is about 25 to 30 years. They are one of the most beautifully colored reptiles.

Classy, talented, stunning snake dancers to mesmerize your guests with a sultry show. We guarantee these fabulous interactive dancers will enchant and charm your guests.

Snake Charmers recommended for:
staged act, ambient & walkabout entertainment, staged dance performances, atmospheric mix and mingle. Great for All Ages!

snake dancervampire snakessnakessnake performerssnake charmer san diego



Mermaids swim, play with fire, and add ambiance to any pool party.
As a Mermaid on land, they tell children's stories, and performs adagio acrobatics with a Greek God. They can also swim in and out of beach parties.
People of all ages love it. It sparks the imagination!

mermaids kids


Have a variety of birds at your event. It's an exotic way learn and have a great time.

birds birds


Elephant handlers are dedicated to the preservation of this endangered species. They are licensed and inspected by federal, state and local animal welfare agencies, and are involved in national and international conservation efforts such as the International Elephant Foundation, American Zoo and Aquarium Association, Elephant Managers Association and the Species Survival Plan.